46 South Cardano stake pool

The world's southernmost Cardano stake pool. Our pool runs on a Starlink connection in the city of Invercargill, New Zealand. We also have a 4G failover in case the Starlink connection goes down. We are located at 46 degrees South latitude, hence the name, 46 South.

Our pool ticker is [46S]. Find us in your favourite wallet and delegate to us, or if you use Nami wallet, you can click the button below to delegate to us.

Our pool is run on baremetal servers with UPS backup. This helps ensures the spatial decentralisation of the Cardano network by having physical servers, not cloud based servers.

Our servers use only 100 watts of power and that power comes from the 100% renewable energy of the South Island of New Zealand. You can find more about power stations in New Zealand here.

The 46 South stake pool received an IOHK (Input Output HK) delegation for epochs 265-294. We were humbled to receive this delegation and we hope that you will also delegate your ADA with us.

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